Reading Women Leaders

May their legacies be a blessing and a revolution!

#ReadingWomenLeaders is a book list series, showcasing women leaders in every aspect of life. Launched as a virtual bookclub in September 2020, the first focus area is the realm of politics. Prioritizing autobiographies to center the voices of the women themselves, this booklist/bookclub explores the lives of women in public service as political leaders throughout the world.

How does it work?
We're reading a different book every month. Discussions take place via this Facebook group and via a virtual Zoom call every month. Please join the Facebook group and sign up for our newsletter to receive monthly registration links for the virtual book club meeting.

Next bookclub meeting:
Sun, April 18, 3 pm EST

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August will be a bookclub meeting AND author event! Kate will be joining the Reading Women Leaders Bookclub for the second half of the bookclub meeting on August 22, 2021.

About Kate Greene:

Kate Greene was the crew writer and second-in-command on the first simulated Mars mission for the NASA-funded HI-SEAS project. A poet, essayist, and former laser physicist, her work has appeared in multiple publications and radio shows. She’s taught writing at Columbia University, San Francisco State University, and the Tennessee Prison for Women. She lives in New York City.

Kate Greene

The 2021 #ReadingWomenLeaders booklist has not been finalized due to the fast-moving nature of world events. We reserve the right to announce the book only one month ahead of time, in case there is a title that is particularly relevant to world events at that moment in time. A suggested reading list, including the books we have officially announced as bookclub discussion books, can be found on our #ReadingWomenLeaders Booklist here.

If you have suggestions for other books to be included, please let us know at broche(at)riverdogbookco(dot)com.

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