Lady Clementine with Tea + Tote

Lady Clementine with Tea & Tote
Special Order Campaign
(limited time offer! while supplies last!)

We have teamed up with the publisher Sourcebooks to present offer you some delicious ClemenTEA to enjoy when you read Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict!

When you either order Lady Clementine in hardcover or preorder Lady Clementine in paperback (coming out in July), you will receive:

  • a tin of delicious black Lady Clementea tea
  • a FREE tote bag of The Only Woman in the Room, another book by Marie Benedict!

While supplies last!

Tote Bag

How does this work?

1. Place your order with River Dog Book Co.

2. River Dog Book Co. will mail you your hardcover book with tea and tote bag now - OR - River Dog Book Co. will mail you your tea and tote bag now, and the paperback book will be mailed to you separately when it is published.

River Dog Review: 

From the start of her marriage to Winston Churchill through two world wars and beyond, Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill, Lady Clementine, was and remained a spirited and opinionated woman who was very much an equal political influence in her own right. Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict (The Only Woman in the Room) is grounded in the factual timeline of historical events, while using a fictionalized imagining of what it would have been like for Lady Clementine to balance being a politician’s wife, a mother, and an independent woman. 

Over the years, there are many moments when Lady Clementine saves not only her husband, but also the nation of Great Britain by keeping this great man (Winston Churchill) focused and alive. The strength of her character helps to bolster not just Winston Churchill and his career, but the entire Churchill family’s position and prominence throughout extraordinarily difficult times in history.

While inspired by real events, the story is centered on Clementine’s growth and emotional struggles, both as a woman of her time and as a woman of notoriety, offering an in-depth look at what it would have been like to live with a man who felt himself called to a destiny (even before the wars broke out) and to balance the demands of that reality as part of a family household.