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River Dog Recommends: Reading the Middle East

Today, August 1, is the first day of the River Dog Book Co. Armchair Travel Bookclub! We are reading The Map of Salt and Stars by Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar. While the story begins in Syria, the characters' journeys throughout the book take them to other parts of the Middle East, including Jordan. In a wonderful coincidence of timing, a customer recently asked for a reading list of books featuring Jordan, so here you are - an extended reading list of books focusing on women's lives in the Middle East to enjoy along with The Map of Salt and Stars. What are we missing? Feel free to add books in the comments!

River Dog Recommends

Reading with…BrocheAroe Fabian

BrocheAroe Fabian ("bruh-kuh" for short) is an anthropologist, a world traveler, a writer and a 12-year veteran of the book industry. After working for a museum library, a corporate bookstore, two publishers and four independent bookstores, she will be opening River Dog Book Co., her own bookmobile, in Wisconsin in spring 2019. She works hard to foster cross-cultural understanding and communication wherever she goes.

Armchair Travel Bookclub
Armchair Travel Bookclub

Announcing the Armchair Travel Bookclub!

Open to anyone anywhere in the world, the Armchair Travel Bookclub combines the best of all of our favorite activities - reading fiction and non-fiction books that take us places, forming friendships while we discuss, and then traveling to, from, and maybe even with those new friends to some of those places we've been reading about.