Armchair Travel Bookclub

Love to read? Love to travel? Love to make new friends who love to read and travel? Then this is the book club for you!

Open to anyone anywhere in the world, the Armchair Travel Bookclub combines the best of all of our favorite activities - reading fiction and non-fiction books that take us places, forming friendships while we discuss, and then traveling to, from, and maybe even with those new friends to some of those places we've been reading about.

How does it work? We read a new book every two months. Near the end of the 2nd month, a series of meet-ups will be scheduled: some in-person in different cities, some virtually for everyone to attend.

Bonus! As this book club is officially run by us, River Dog Book Co., if you choose to purchase the book through RDBC, you'll get some extra gifts that month! It could be a piece of art related to the story, a recipe for a dish from the book's location, or even something special from the author for just this club. You will also be invited to meet the author, either in-person or via a virtual bookclub meeting!

Join us by clicking on the MeetUp and/or Facebook links. The books will be announced in both groups, though naturally different conversations around the books will pop up in each location. Check out the list of scheduled events below!

WARNING: This book club may lead to discovering new favorite books, making new friends, and traveling to places (literally or figuratively) you never thought you'd go to before.

Previous Armchair Travel Bookclub Selections

August September Bookclub Selection Header
The Map of Salt and Stars by Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar